Random Events

You are being sent to the JN's new home.

Random events will be dealt out at the beginning of each JN meeting. Two countries will be randomly selected using the random number generator at random.org. The two countries selected will then draw a random number and suffer the random event associated with that number. Most random events involve a choice where the ambassadors must weigh the cost and benefits of the situation and decide what would be best. Some might choose to gamble, and yet others might choose to take the safe road. Many of the random events also affect other countries. Your decisions may make you some enemies or new friends. Choose carefully, and may luck be with you. Remember, the JN can always be asked for help, and resolutions can be a road to a creative solution to the event.

Below is the current list of random events and the choices available. All countries affected by random events have until the beginning of the next meeting to make their choices known and take action. (Note: Mr. Brunken reserves the right to change anything and everything about the random events below.)

R.E. #

Event Description



Oil! Oil has been discovered in a remote part of your country. This is great news for your country, however no one is sure how much oil is there and no companies want to make the initial investment to drill and pump the oil. Your government has a decision to make.

  1. Invest 1TP and 10RP into a drilling operation for a chance to harvest the oil. (60% chance of a 40RP return, 20% chance of a 30RP return, 10% chance of a 50RP return,  5% chance of a 60RP return, 5% chance of a 15RP return)
  2. Allow another country to drill (paying the investment) for 10% tax on what they get
  3. Ignore completely


A deadly strain of influenza has been reported in your country. The outbreak is so far contained to small, rural areas and the death toll is low. However, your health organization says if it is not contained, there could be a major epidemic or even a pandemic.

  1. Spend 25RP to completely contain the outbreak. (0% chance of epidemic)
  2. Spend 10RP to educate people on how to prevent the spread of the disease in the cities (50% chance of epidemic)
  3. Let nature sort it out (90% chance of epidemic)

Epidemic = 25RP problem that will need to be fixed by the next meeting. If it is not fixed, the result is a pandemic.
Pandemic = 30 RP problem in host country, 20RP problem for all countries in the region (except host country), all other countries 17% chance of infection (15RP problem). This problem increases 5RP each week it isn't fixed. Chances for new infections, too.


Scientists in your country say they are on the verge of a technological breakthrough. They are asking for more funding to help their research along.

  1. Give them the 15RP they need. 90% chance of scientific breakthrough
  2. Buy them a new microscope and computer. 7RP and a 40% chance of scientific breakthrough
  3. Get them coffee and doughnuts. 1RP and a 5% chance of scientific breakthrough

Scientific breakthrough = 2TP


Workers in your country are striking (not working) because they feel they are being mistreated, underpaid, and overworked by their bosses. Many public services have shut down and people are mad. Everyone is turning to your government to fix the problem. What will you do?

  1. Side with workers and force companies to pay up and be nice. This ends the strike, but there is a 66% chance businesses leave your country for friendlier lands. You will have to give 5 RP to each country in your region. 
  2. Side with the businesses and use the military and police to break the strike. It will cost you 7 RP to mobilize your forces and gives you a 66% chance of ending the strike. Plus, if you succeed in stopping the strike, you there is a 50% chance that more businesses flock to your business-friendly country bringing 5RP from those countries.
  3. Sponsor negotiations between each side. Who knows, maybe they will be able to strike a deal. (75% chance strike continues)
  4. Just fix it! Have your government pay 25RP to give higher wages to the workers and increase their benefits while also slashing business taxes. Everyone is happy (except the taxpayers of course).

Strike continues = 10RP problem that increases by 10RP each week the strike is not stopped


War has broken out between two small countries in your region. While the conflict is mostly contained to those countries’ borders, the floods of refugees fleeing the war zones are causing a burden on your economy and others in your region.

  1. End the conflict with help of the JN (pass resolution in JN that gets the JN to invest 30 RP to send in a force to bring an end to the war. 17% chance the conflict continues as an insurrection following the action)
  2. Care for the refugees no matter the cost for as long as it is needed because it is the right thing to do (10RP, 50% chance conflict continues)
  3. Put troops on the borders to stop the refugees from entering your land (14RP, other countries in your region must pay 5RP to care for the refugees, 50% chance conflict continues)
  4. Enough is enough. Use your military to invade the countries and end the war to force a peace. These countries have a combined MP total of 1. You must have a least 1 MP for this option. Victory allows you to end the problem and gain valuable resources and land worth 50 RP, but losing the war takes half of your wealth away and the conflict escalates.

Conflict continues = 10RP problem each week
Conflict escalates = 20RP a week for each country in region until conflict ends


Earthquake! A rather large earthquake has devastated part of your country. Time to clean up.

  1. Give the people what they need (pay 20RP)
  2. Help with search and rescue only (pay 10RP, and 40% chance of humanitarian disaster)
  3. The people can take care of themselves. (pay nothing,  90% chance of humanitarian disaster)

Humanitarian disaster = 20RP problem and the cost to fix it increases by 10RP each week, begins affecting region (starting at 5RP) after 2nd week, world after 3rd week


A new natural wonder has been discovered in your country (like a cool cave or something.) People are flocking from all over to see it. The tourism boom has really helped your economy.

You receive 7RP.


Global warming caused by increased levels of pollution in other countries in your region is creating more flooding, severe storms, and rising sea levels that are harming the people and economy of your country.

  1. Invest 20 RP and 1 TP in the development of advanced technologies that will protect your country from future disasters (Safe from next 4 weather disasters in your country)
  2. Help clean up the damage from the last storms and ask everyone to recycle more. (lose 15 RP)
  3. Submit a resolution to the JN that sets up a pollution tax of 3RP per IP for all countries in the JN. These taxes go to a Global Warming fund that will help fix problems from countries with weather related disasters.


A deposit of precious metals has been discovered in a national park in your country. The deposit sits on the habitat of several endangered species. Building a mine would destroy their habitat and may cause them to go extinct. What would like to do?

  1. Damn the critters. Dig, baby, dig! (receive 20 RP, with 90% chance of extinction)
  2. Carefully dig trying not to do too much damage to the environment. (receive 8RP, 30% chance of extinction)
  3. Save the fluffy things! Just take the resoruces you can without digging and protect those animals. (receive 2RP, 0% chance of extinction)

Extinction = 15RP loss due to international sanctions and a drop in tourism and possible punishment from the JN.


A famous rocket scientist from a neighboring country has come to you seeking freedom and protection from the government of his home. He has developed advanced rockets and weapons for his home country that have caused the deaths on many innocent people.

  1. Send him to the JN to be put on trial for war crimes. This option keeps the scientist out of the lab one way or another. The JN awards you with a humanitarian award worth 10RP.
  2. Steal his research for your scientists and have him "disappear". 10% chance of scientific breakthrough.
  3. Put him to work on developing a Space Program for your country. This will require a 30RP investment. You have a 83% chance of scientific breakthrough, but also a chance the JN may punish you for protecting a war criminal.
  4. Put him to work on a new weapons program. This will require an investment of 45RP. you have 83% chance of a military breakthrough, but also a chance the JN may punish you for protecting a war criminal to develop the same weapons for yourself.
Scientific breakthrough = 2TP
Military breakthrough = 1MP


Terrorist attack! Religious militants have detonated a bomb in a crowded shopping center in one of your major cities.

  1. Poor you. Pay 10RP to clean up.


A rich patriot in your country died and left his wealth to the country. What would you like to do with it?

  1. Save it. (Get 10RP)
  2. Spend it on security (Protected from your country's next problem, no matter what it is)
  3. Invest it in the stock market. (pay 10 RP, roll a dice, get 3 times the value on the die)


A long stretch of bad weather, bad farming practices, and pest problems have struck your area and have caused significant famine. Your people are clamoring at the palace gates demanding action and, most of all, food. You must act soon or millions may die.

  1. Sorry, unless your region can come up with 30RP of food aid, each country in your region loses 1 AP and there will be a humanitarian disaster.

Humanitarian disaster = 10 RP added to the problem each week, neighboring regions incur a 15 RP penalty to absorb the refugees, poor trade, and disease that comes with such disasters.


Countries in your region are all disputing the ownership of a small group of rocks…er…I mean islands in the middle of ocean. Some say there are a lot of resources there and stuff.  The problem is no one can go get those resources without starting some kind of fight or argument. What will happen? Choose your course.

  1. Use international law to gain control of the islands. (Countries in this region can write a resolution and present their case to the JN. The JN will determine who owns the islands.)
  2. Give them to me or die! (MP or not, you can go to war over the islands. Same rules for war apply, all alliances remain in effect, but only the nations who wish to go to war over the islands have to fight. Only the nation who drew this random event can decide if war is allowed to resolve this issue. Winning the war = half of the wealth of the country or countries you defeat plus a chance to roll a die and get 6 times the result in RP)
  3. Let’s all be friends. Everyone in your region signs a JN resolution turning the islands into a nature preserve. (no one gets the resources)

Win the islands = 40RP


It’s amazing! No, a miracle! Your government leaders have stopped fighting long enough to pass some much needed reforms. Not only is your economy now humming along, but you look awesome!

You get 10RP.


So, I’m sorry to tell you, but a while back your government invested in some reforms to help your struggling economy. Well, uh, those kind of turned out to be worse than the way things were. More like anti-reforms actually. It was pretty stupid now that we think about it. Anyway, sorry about that.

You lose 10RP


So mosquitoes suck, right? Yeah, they are always biting you and spreading incurable diseases and stuff. They really are annoying. Lucky for you a team of doctors in your country has developed an awesome super vaccine that pretty much prevents all of those nasty mosquito-borne diseases. Problem is, they are keeping it a secret and want to sell it to a multi-national corporation to make a huge profit. What do you want to do?

  1. I think I’ll just kill the scientists and take the vaccine. I am Dear Leader after all. (You won’t have to pay, but other countries won’t like you. 90% chance of success in selling the vaccine on the international market. Must be a “Not Free” country)
  2. Pay the really smart, but not so nice men. Try to appeal to their patriotism. It’s for the good of the people after all. (Pay 30 RP, 90% chance of success in selling the vaccine on the international market)
  3. Write a resolution asking the JN to pay the doctors 50 RP and develop and distribute the vaccine to all countries for free. (JN pays 50 RP, all countries are protected from bug-caused diseases for the rest of the year.)

Success = Get 40 RP form selling it on the market, your country is protected forever from bug-caused diseases.


Due to increased demand for illegal drugs in other countries in your region, the manufacturing of illegal drugs has increased in your country causing an increase in violent crime, drug use, and drug trafficking across the border. What are you going to do?

  1.  It's just some drugs. Hire more police and send out the SWAT team to crack down on these drug dealers. Pay 20 RP to fix the damage and cover the police actions. 17% chance of failure and a resulting drug war between your government and the drug lords.
  2. I love drug money! Tell the police to back down and enjoy the bribe money. Get 30 RP in bribes and the drug trade continues for all countries in the region, but you lose one AP as drug plants take the place of crops.
  3. Ask the JN for help. Can you convince them?
  4. Send in the army! Use your military to destroy the drug lords' operations. Must have at least 1 MP. Drug lords have MP = 0. Victory ends the drug trade, but a loss results in a drug war and continued drug trade.
Drug trade continues = 5 RP problem for all countries in the region.
Drug war = 10 RP until the problem is fixed


 A rich land developer in your country has the bright idea to start chopping down your forests to sell the wood and develop the land into something more productive. Of course, those are national forests, so he needs your permission and a little loan wouldn't hurt either, you know, to boost the chances of success.

  1. Those forests are precious! Tell this guy no way, and threaten to send him to jail if he ever sets foot in a national forest again. No loss, no gain.
  2. Who needs forests anyway? Give the developer the ok to chop away. Gain 20 RP in tax revenue from the development, but 33% chance of protests.
  3. Invest in agricultural development. Spend 10RP to clear the land and develop it into farmland. Gain 1 AP. 33% chance of protests from the people.
  4. Invest in industrial development. Clear the land and spend 25 RP to develop it into industries. Gain 1 IP. 50% chance of protests from the people.
Protests = Lose 10RP this week and each week they continue, roll again next meeting to try to end the protests.


What the? A meteor just crashed into your country from space! It was quite large and caused some damage, but you never know what a meteor might bring you.

  1.  Pay 15RP to repair the damages, and turn the site into a tourist attraction and get 10RP from the revenue.
  2. Pay 15 RP to fix the damage and donate the meteor to science to to get 1 TP.
  3. Pay 15 RP to fix the damages and mine the heck out of that rock to see what resources can be found. Roll a die and get 3 times the value of your roll in RP.