Member Nations

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Below are the member nations of the 4th Joined Nations and their ambassadors.

Flag Country Ambassador Region Student-made Presentation on the Web
United States of America Mr. Brunken North America/Pacific Click here
Mexico Lulu Lin N. America/Latin America
 Click here
Chile Matthew She Latin America Click here 
China Kris Tsai  Asia Click here 
Indonesia Johnny Chih  Asia/Pacific Click here 
Iran Sean Cheng Asia/Middle East
Click here 
Israel Jacob Cheng Europe/Middle East
Click here 
France Wendy Hsiao  Europe/Africa/Latin America
Click here
Italy Audrey Lin Europe
Click here 
Russia Austin Hu Europe/Asia
Click here
New Zealand Nicole Lu Pacific Click here
Botswana Jacqueline Wu Africa
Click here
 Ethiopia Sabrina Wu   Africa  Click here