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The Third Meeting

posted Oct 5, 2014, 5:31 AM by Nicole Lu   [ updated Oct 5, 2014, 10:14 PM by Jason Brunken ]

Third meeting of the year!

President : Term 3
Supreme Council : Term 2

The meeting started with 5 countries fixing their old problems. Mexico, Russia, and Chile all paid for their problems. France got her request for aid passed so the problem was half-paid for by the General Welfare Fund. Italy’s economic problem was fixed, thanks to the General Welfare Fund, USA, New Zealand, and Mexico.

Next, Ethiopia fixed her random event by ignoring it. Russia decided to educate people how to prevent the spread of influenza, but the people weren’t learning. An epidemic has hit Russia. Let’s see how Russia will handle this.

Two resolutions were brought up this week, both from the USA. First was the Warning to China for their violence in Hong Kong, but it was turned downed after a long debate. The second resolution was about altering the current tax rates, after some debate about if the new text rate is to high. The final vote was a tie so the President decided to vote to pass it.

Two new random events. Chile got a terrorist attack in one of the major cities, poor him. New Zealand drew Random Number #6 and is facing an earthquake which is devastating part of the country. What will she do? Will she follow what Italy did?

At last, four new problems were assigned. A series of explosions happened in Xinjiang, killing 50 or more people. Hong Kong was also strike with a huge but peaceful student protest, but things are getting more and more intense then ever. These problem will cost China 20 RP. There is also a student protest in Acapulco, Mexico that turned violent this week with 6 killed, 43 missing, and 22 arrested after the protesters clashed with police. This will cost Mexico 15 RP. Beef prices are getting higher and higher in New Zealand because of the Drought in US so consumers are buying a lot of New Zealand's beef and is causing a shortage. This will cost New Zealand 8 RP. At last, economic sanctions continue to hit Russia hard. Russia's economy is beginning to reel because of the hostilities in Ukraine. This will cost Russia 12 RP.