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September 22 meeting recap

posted Sep 23, 2012, 1:04 AM by Jason Brunken
At the September 22 meeting, the JN had some work to do. The United States brought the Resolution to Dissolve the JN Welfare Program to the JN. The resolution asked the JN to end the JN Welfare Program and associated Luxury Tax scheme. After a short presentation and no counter arguments, the resolution passed by a vote of 7-1 with three countries abstaining. As a result, the JN currently has no Welfare Program and all welfare payments have stopped. Countries must now work for themselves to get resources to pay for their problems.

Also at the meeting all problems were solved. Some countries like Nigeria and Egypt jst barely had enough resources to do so, but in the end did. Two random events were also handed out, but both were fortuitous. Indonesia was blessed with the discovery of a new natural wonder and 7RP sue to increased tourism. and a wealthy patriot in Nigeria had left his fortune to the government which Nigeria decided to save (10RP).

New problems were announced at the meeting. Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, Germany, and Vietnam all have problems that will need to be resolved at the next meeting on October 6. For problem details, please see the Problems page.