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September 15th Meeting recap

posted Sep 15, 2012, 7:02 AM by Jason Brunken
September 15th marked the first meeting of the 3rd JN. It served as a very informative  session for our new JN members.

The only business that was addressed at this meeting was the election of a new Supreme Council. The elections went smoothly. Five people were nominated, but only three could serve. After short speeches, the voting began and, in the end, Johnny Chih, Ambassador of Germany, Jerry Chen, Ambassador of Turkey, and Matthew She, Ambassador to Japan, were elected to the Supreme Council. They will serve 4 meetings when new elections will be held.

New problems were announced at the meeting. Nigeria (5RP), Japan (5RP), and Egypt (3RP) will have problems to fix at the next meeting. Currently, the next meeting is scheduled for September 22.