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Sanctions Against Russia and more

posted Mar 16, 2014, 1:47 AM by Jason Brunken   [ updated Mar 16, 2014, 1:48 AM ]

The JN is still at it. Another meeting with a lot of business was concluded on March 15th. During the meeting, the issues of Russia's recent aggression in Ukraine, the role of the US in the JN, famine in Europe, and an island dispute were all discussed and resolved.

The hallmark of the meeting was a resolution bringing sanctions against Russia for moving soldiers into the Ukrainian region of Crimea this past week. The United States brought a resolution that levies sanctions substantially isolating and punishing Russia economically. After much debate, the resolution was narrowly passed in a vote of 6-5. Go to the Resolutions page to read details about the sanctions.

Facing widespread famine, Poland brought an aid resolution to the JN to bring relief to its affected region. The aid resolution was unanimously approved by the Security Council, and 30 RP was paid out of the JN General Welfare fund to put an end to the famine.

Three other resolutions were brought to a vote in the JN this passed week, but were not passed. Two resolutions that sought to substantially change the US's role in the JN were narrowly defeated after lengthy debate. One resolution that would have limited the US's resources and war making abilities required a tie-breaking vote by the president. It ultimately failed. Another resolution brought by Australia that sough retroactive punishment for aid paid out in the past was rejected outright by the Supreme Council.

In Random Events, Australia, with the help of South Korea, used its large military to assert it's claim over disputed islands in the region. It now holds control over them, gaining 40 RP. Kenya has drug problems and has opted to take bribes and encourage its growth in the region. No doubt the JN alliance against drugs will swoop in to eradicate this threat soon. Ghana gained 7 RP from a new national wonder, and Poland will need to pay 10 RP because of disastrous economic reforms. 

The next JN meeting will be help on March 22. New problems can be found on the problem page.