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October 6th meeting recap

posted Oct 6, 2012, 12:17 AM by Jason Brunken
(Eduardo Verdugo/AP)
An eventful day in the JN today. José Lin was elected as the new President of the JN. Some problems are getting worse, and random events begin to wreak havoc.

The countries of Germany and Vietnam each had problems this week. Germany has an economic slowdown it needs to deal with, and Vietnam has unexploded ordinance leftover from the Vietnam War to clean up. Both countries did not get their problems fixed this week. That means they are getting worse. Germany's problem now will cost Germany 8RP, and Vietnam's will cost 9RP. If the two countries fail to fix their problems at the next meeting, they will begin affecting the entire region. Let's hope the JN does what it needs to help.

Two random events mad things interesting this week. Israel discovered oil in its country, but lacked the resources to drill for it, so they opened the land for other countries to drill for a fee. This will take place at the next meeting. The U.K. is experiencing a flu outbreak that is killing people. So far it is contained, but medical officials say it won't be for long if the U.K. can't find the resources to contain it. The U.K. has until next week to do this or it may become an epidemic and effect the whole region or possibly the world.