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October 27th meeting recap

posted Nov 3, 2012, 12:34 AM by Jason Brunken
My apologies that this update is a week late. I kept pushing it aside because of other thing I had to do.

Let's get to it. Last week at the JN meeting all problems were solved except for Russia's because their ambassador was absent. That problem will need to be fixed at the meeting next week and now costs 10RP. In Random Events, India received a substantial gift from a wealthy patriot giving them 10RP and Vietnam is facing a workers' strike that will need to be resolved one way or another at the next meeting.

The only new business brought before the JN was Supreme Council Elections. In those elections Johnny and Matthew were reelected to another term and Lulu, Ambassador of Nigeria was elected to the SC. They will begin their 4-meeting terms at the next meeting.

New problems can be found on the problems page. Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Japan, and Israel all have problems to fix for next week. Come prepared to pay or ask for help.