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October 19 meeting recap

posted Oct 23, 2013, 7:53 AM by Jason Brunken
The October 19 meeting of the Joined Nations was a very busy one. In all, three Requests for Aid and two Resolutions were brought before the JN. The three Aid Requests (35RP to help stop the spread of cholera in Africa, 15RP to try to stop the spread of the drug trade in Thailand, and 14RP to with terrorism and an earthquake clean up in Pakistan) all passed unanimously. While the resources went to help the problem in Thailand, the police efforts to stop the drug trade backfired and an all out war between law enforcement and drug lords have broken out. It will take a greater effort to solve that problem.

The first proposed resolution said that if a Request of Aid is passed by the JN, 50% of the amount requested must be paid by the country making the request. If said country does not have enough wealth to cover 50% of the problem, then it must pay 50% of its wealth toward the problem. The JN passed this resolution overwhelmingly wit ha vote of 9-0. The United States brought a resolution titled the Enabling Act to the floor. The resolution would have put all decision making power of the JN in the hands of the president. It also would have dissolved the Supreme Council and the President Removal process. This resolution was rejected by the Supreme Council unanimously.

In random events, pollution problems are causing widespread global warming and Thailand is affected. They are deciding how handle the damaged caused by increasing severe storms. In Ghana, a meteor crashed causing some damage and injuries to the people. Ghana is trying to decide what to do with this new rock from space. Finally, an earthquake struck Germany which quickly paid the 10RP to repair the damages.

All countries with problems were able to get them fixed except Venezuela. The kidnapping and crime problems in Venezuela are on the rise now. This problem will now cost 16RP for Venezuela, and 4RP for each country in South America. New problems were also announced at the meeting. Russia, Brazil, and Germany all have problems to fix at the next meeting.

Speaking of next meeting, elections are coming. Both the Supreme Council and the President will need to be up for re-election at the next meeting. Be prepared to vote (or run.)