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November 24 meeting recap

posted Nov 24, 2012, 7:44 AM by Jason Brunken
Hello fellow members of the Joined Nations. We had a busy day today. New elections, disputed islands, new problems, and new random events.

First, the big news. In the second Presidential election in the JN, Matthew She, Ambassador to Japan, defeated current President Jose Lin in a tight vote of 5-4. With four member nations absent and three nations abstaining in the vote, the election was decided by less than a third of the member nations. A shocking result, indeed.

In other JN news, Egypt submitted a resolution petitioning the JN to grant them rights to a small cluster islands said to be rich in resources. With a unanimous vote of 8-0, Egypt's request was granted and gained 40RP from the acquisition.

In other random events, a flu outbreak was reported in Japan. There is a chance it could result in an epidemic or even a pandemic. The world is awaiting how Japan will handle it. Vietnam also ended its workers' strike by siding with the workers and forcing companies to grant the workers requests. Many major businesses have now closed their locations in Vietnam and have left for more business friendly countries in the region (all other Asia-Pacific countries gained 6RP).

All old problems were solved at this meeting and new problems were introduced (which can be found on the problems page.) A unique problem in the Middle East has arisen due to military action taken by Israel. The JN will need to cooperate to solve this problem in the Middle East. Will crisis be averted? We'll find out in two weeks.