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November 10th Meeting Recap

posted Nov 9, 2012, 8:57 PM by Jason Brunken
Very little has changed following the meeting in the JN today. There was no new business, all old problems were solved, and just a few new problems were passed out. However, as predicted, random events, are beginning to add some life to the JN.

Two new random events occurred today. One involved Turkey, who found a deposit of precious metal in a national park that was home to some endangered species. They managed to mine the metals AND preserve the wildlife so they got 15RP from this event. The second event was more complicated. A dispute in the region of Africa/Middle East has arisen over some resource-rich islands. All countries in those regions lay claim to the islands. The random event has opened the door to all countries in that region to make an attempt to grab the resources for themselves. They can write a resolution to get the JN to side with them, or one or more nations may decide to take them by force. A third option is peace. Maybe all nations in the region will forget their claim to the islands and let nature prevail there. We will find out at the next meeting.

New problems are posted on the problems page. Also, Vietnam has to resolve its workers' strike at the next meeting. Don't forget to complete those current events.