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Nov. 16 Meeting recap

posted Nov 26, 2013, 6:01 PM by Jason Brunken
The Nov. 16 JN meeting saw fairly routine business with the exception of the passage of a new resolution introduced by the US. 

At the meeting, all old problems and random events were dealt with. A war that had broken out near Australia caused Australia to close its borders and send refugees streaming into the lands of its neighbors. All countries in the Asia region were affected. The on-going war on drugs in Thailand was finally snuffed out by the US military after the passage of a War on drugs resolution that requires countries the JN to contribute their military to the eradication of nefarious drug elements in member nations. Following US military intervention the drug war was quickly ended as the drug lords and their resources were completely destroyed. 

New problems and random events were doled out at the meeting as well. The countries of Tunisia, Poland, and Brazil have problems waiting to be fixed at the next meeting. Australia, Canada, and Poland all have random events they will need to resolve at the next meeting. 

All countries with problems or random events to solve should come prepared BEFORE the meeting. Also, don't forget to change your RP to other points using the online form.