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0131 Eleventh Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Jan 31, 2015, 7:34 AM by Audrey Lin   [ updated Jan 31, 2015, 7:35 AM ]

Meeting Recap 20150131

President: Term 2

Supreme Council: Term 4

Today our meeting started with only one supreme council member. The president chose the ambassadors of France and Botswana to take the place of Chile and the blank one.

Old random events fixed. Iran’s oil problem was fixed by choosing choice 2. Italy and Israel fought for drilling for Iran. At last, Italy won by paper scissors stone. Her investment paid off, she got 36RP in return and Iran got 4RP. Botswana drilled the oil by herself and got 50RP in return. Drug problem in Ethiopia was fixed by taking down the police. Of course it was fixed for Ethiopia, but all countries in the region, that is Africa, will have a 5RP problem next meeting. Be prepared, France and Botswana!

Next, we have our old problems. France requested for aid and was passed. Problem fixed. New Zealand fixed her fish pirate problem by paying it. China paid 15RP to save its people from North Korea's attack. Well done!

Three new random events this week. Oil problem! Again?! Yeah, it’s in France this time. What will she do? A rich French patriot dead and left his wealth to France. She invested in stock and got 15RP in return. Drug problem was just fixed in Ethiopia, but I think the drug dealers have turned their attention to China. What will he do? We’ll find out at the next meeting!

USA brought up the History Committee Removal and Re-election Resolution. The resolution will remove all three current history committee and reelect two, salary will change from 5RP each meeting to 10RP each meeting. There will also be a 10RP punishment if the meeting recap isn’t updated in less than 96 hours. The resolution was passed so the president held the election for new history committee. There were three nominees, the ambassadors of Italy, France and Iran. It turned out that Italy and France were elected with 9 votes and 8 votes. Congratulations! Better start working!


We then close our meeting with new problems. New Zealand’s number of students qualifying for college entrance is running low. Without college graduates, New Zealand’s economic security may be in danger. This problem will cost New Zealand 10RP. Diseases coming! Watch out China! There has been an outbreak in Beijing. China will have to put more resources, 14RP, into vaccinating people. The world’s largest copper producer Chile is facing a huge lost in government revenue. Trouble is coming! This will cost Chile 14RP.

Happy Winter Break to all of you!