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JN 10/20 meeting recap

posted Oct 20, 2012, 1:00 AM by Jason Brunken   [ updated Oct 20, 2012, 1:02 AM ]
It was a rather eventful day in the JN today. In the absence of President Lin, Johnny Chih, Ambassador of Germany, served as President for this meeting. The action started for Johnny right away.

Vietnamese boy with unexploded bomb.
During problem solving time, a resolution was submitted by Mexico to hold the US accountable for the damage done to Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The resolution would have had the US pay all of the points for the problem, but the resolution was voted down 2-1 by the Supreme Council, so it never was voted. The Supreme Council members voting against the resolution were Jerry Chen, Ambassador of Turkey, and appointed member Kris Tsai, Ambassador of South Africa. Vietnam was still unable to fix the problem and now the problem has grown to affect the entire Asia-Pacific region. Vietnam now owes 12RP to fix the problem and the other Asia-Pacific countries owe 5RP at the next meeting. This fact caused significant distress among JN members, not happy with the SCs actions of voting down the resolution. It will be interesting to see if action is taken against them at the next meeting. For now, in one way or another, the problem needs to be addressed or it may soon begin affecting all countries.

All other problems were fixed.

During the meeting, the US introduced a resolution called the Presidential Power Succession Amendment. This resolution is intended to address the fact that there is no rule for what happens when the President is absent at a JN meeting. The resolution said that in the event of the Present being absent the power transfers first to the SC member that has served the longest, then (if serving time is equal) to the richest SC member, and finally, if for some reason those two criteria are equal or there is no SC, then the richest JN member will serve as the President. This resolution, without debate, passed 12-1 and is now the rule in the JN.

Finally, random events. The two remaining random events from last week were dealt with. The countries of Japan and Turkey chose to invest in Israel's recent oil find and were successful, gaining 20RP each. Unfortunately, the flu epidemic in the UK was not handled by the UK government and has grown into an epidemic. The outbreak is now a 15RP problem for the UK to be fixed at the next meeting. If it isn't, there is a chance the flu may spread to all countries in the region or around the world.

We also had two new Random Events this week. India had a rich patriot die and leave them all his money. India received 10RP for this event. Argentina experienced a labor strike which they tried to solve by forcing the businesses to pay the workers what they wanted. This treatment resulted in causing many companies to leave Argentina for more business-friendly places. They lost 6RP.

This ends the updates. New problems are posted on the problems page (problems for Russia, Mexico, and Egypt). As you can see, there is a lot of business to be attended to at the next meeting. Come prepared.