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January 25 meeting recap

posted Jan 28, 2013, 11:54 PM by Jason Brunken
The following is a recap of what happened in the JN at the January 25th meeting. Remember to take note if you have problems to fix for the next meeting and come prepared. The next JN meeting will be held on March 2.

The most important business handled at this meeting was a new presidential election. Matthew was not present to run for reelection. The contenders were Nicole (Egypt), Caroline (Indonesia), and Johnny (Germany). Following short speeches by all candidates, Nicole, Ambassador of Egypt, won by a vote of 5-0-2. Following her Nicole's election, a short election to replace her spot on the Supreme Council was held. Ava (Argentina) and Leo (Saudi Arabia) fought for the position. After a close vote of 6-4, Ava won the seat. Congratulations to our new members of government!


All problems were fixed this week.

New problems can be viewed on the problems page. New problems at the next meeting for Indonesia, South Africa, and Japan.


No resolutions were discussed at the meeting.

Random Events

Two new random events were assigned this week. Turkey received 10RP from a gift from a wealthy patriot, and an a workers' strike in Vietnam has created a problem for the country. Vietnam chose to put its difficult decision off until next week.