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Jan. 4th Meeting Recap

posted Jan 4, 2014, 2:51 AM by Jason Brunken
It was another eventful meeting today in the Joined Nations. A Presidential Election was held and two new resolutions were proposed and voted on.

President Kris Tsai lost his bid for reelection today. The ambassadors of Poland, Thailand, and Jordan sought to challenge him for his seat. After a round of speeches and an endorsement by the United States, Gower Wang, the Ambassador of Poland, won a landslide victory over the other candidates. He received 8 votes while his closest competitor received only 3. The other two candidates each received one vote. Following the resolutions from this week, the Supreme Council members are now all up for reelection at the next meeting.

Two new resolutions were proposed at this meeting. Australia proposed a restructuring of how current event points are handed out and sought extra protections for countries affected heavily by problems. The resolution would have made current event sheets more valuable for countries heavily affected by problems as well. It was closely voted down 6-4.

Jordan proposed a War Rules resolution that would have given unprotected countries threatened by war time to prepare and support from the US. The resolution was unclear and, after debate, was unanimously rejected by the JN General Assembly.

In random events, Canada decided to invest in new technologies to protect itself from future natural disasters as a result of climate change. It is believed they will be well protected for the next 4 problems related to climate change. Poland discovered a new natural wonder and received 7 RP. South Korea gave limited help to a technology inventor that was wildly successful in South Korea. It gained 10 RP. Thailand is waiting to make a decision on what to do with some scientists who are not sharing a vaccine for insect-borne illnesses they discovered.

All problems were fixed at the meeting. three new problems were introduced. Look for these on the Problems page. The next JN Meeting will be held Jan. 18th before Chinese NEw Year Break.