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First meeting of the 2014-2015 Session

posted Sep 7, 2014, 9:33 AM by Jason Brunken

It’s a brand new session,and we welcome all the countries to the Joined Nations.

We had a short meeting this week, with a Presidential Election and a Supreme Council Election.

The ambassadors of United States and Chile fought for the spot of our first President of the year, and the United States won using a powerful speech, and began working. The ambassador of Chile didn’t give up and run for the Supreme Council against Italy, France, New Zealand, and China. The ones with the most experience (Nicole, Kris , and Matthew) won the election and promised to work hard and will in no way betray the trust of those who elected them.

There are two random events this week. One was the first lucky star  Botswana drawing out number 7 and gaining 7RP because new natural wonder being discovered. And Italy getting number 6 and was faced with an earthquake that devastated part of the country. She is charged to fix the mess, but we aren’t sure what's her next step, whether doing nothing or taking care of her people like a true leader.

Lastly, Israel in the following 50 days is fighting against the quasi-political entity known as Hamas in the Gaza Strip, but finds itself in an awkward situation. Israel will soon have to spend resources to help restore electricity and clean water to the country, so Israel will pay 7RP to fix this problem.  

Happy Moon