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February 8 Meeting Recap

posted Feb 11, 2014, 7:26 AM by Jason Brunken
The Feb. 8th JN meeting turned out to be one of the busiest of the year as the JN hotly debated (and passed) resolutions on a welfare and tax system and other resolutions on the ownership of several islands in the Middle East/Africa region.

In response to increasing refugee problems, Kenya took it upon themselves to write up and introduce a Welfare Fund resolution that would set up a fund, supported by an income tax, that would help countries with refugee problems and help poorer countries with other problems. The fund resolution, which passed with an overwhelming vote of 8-2 (South Korea and Australia being the two votes against), establishes an income tax on weekly income for all countries in the JN. Taxes go into a fund and payments are made as needed. The details of the resolution can be found on the Resolutions page.

Regarding the disputed islands, two countries, Tunisia and Kenya, brought resolutions to gain control of the islands. Australia tried to introduce a resolution to open the contest for the islands to all JN nations, but was denied in a vote of 2-7. Following short speeches as each nations gave their claim, the JN voted 8-2 to award the island to Tunisia who got 40 RP from their resources.

All problems at the meeting were fixed. In Random Events, Kenya and Thailand each received donations from a wealthy patriot that they invested in security. The two nations are now protected form the next problem that might come their way. Germany also reaped the benefits of a lucky draw as its government began running smoothly and passed much needed reforms giving the country 10 RP. 

New problems were announced for Canada, Thailand, and Jordan for the next meeting which will be held on Feb. 22.