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December 21 meeting recap

posted Dec 24, 2013, 4:08 PM by Jason Brunken
The big news from the Dec. 21st meeting of the Joined Nations saw an international effort to impose sanctions against Australia for its unprovoked attack on Jordan last month. The effort, led by the United States, proposed a resolution that would impose three sanctions against Australia lasting until the resolution was repealed. The three sanctions are as follows:
  1. Australia has to pay Jordan 25RP in war reparations
  2. Australia is banned from serving in the JN Government
  3. Australia is banned from receiving aid from or investing in other JN nations
Should these sanctions be violated by Australia, the resolution states that the JN can use force against Australia to enforce them. This resolution passed after very little discussion with a vote of 8-1 (with absent Australia being the only vote against. Proponents of this resolution hopes it shows other nations that war is horrible, and should only be used when there is no other alternative. In the case of the Jordanian War, Australia was only looking for riches and attacked a defenseless nation. This was not seen well by the JN.

In other news in the JN. Jordan received a gift of 10RP from a wealthy patriot who died. Thailand rejected an opportunity to drill for resources that could have harmed some endangered species, but still collected 2RP from its new resource discovery. Russia last 10RP sue to some very bad economic reforms. Canada is being harmed by weather events caused by global warming. They will decide how to handle this situation at the next meeting.

All problems from the previous week were fixed. Venezuela and Ghana have problems that need to fixed at the next meeting. 

The next JN meeting is currently scheduled for Jan. 4.