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December 15 meeting recap

posted Dec 19, 2012, 11:20 PM by Jason Brunken
It was a busy day in the JN last week. Between problems, random events, and resolutions, a lot got done, and some still needs fixing.

Below is a summary of what went else went on today in the JN. Remember to take note if you have problems to fix for the next meeting and come prepared. The next JN meeting will be held on January 12.


All problems were fixed this week. Germany was not present to fix its problem, btu the JN President ordered it fixed using Germany's resources.

New problems can be viewed on the Problems page. New problems next week for South Africa and Egypt.


Three resolutions were introduced to the JN at this meeting. They are explained below.

  • JN Oaths of Office Resolution passed with a sweeping majority. The resolution, introduced by the United States, created oaths for the offices of President and Supreme Council to be taken when each new member assumes office after their elections. This way, it will be clear to everyone when a goverment member is not acting in the way they are supposed to.

  • The Resolution to Remove the Ambassador of Germany as a member of the Supreme Council was introduced by Mexico with the support of 9 nations. After a brief debate, where Germany was not present to defend itself, a vote of 12-0 formally removed the Ambassador of Germany form the Supreme Council. Supporters of the resolution argued that the German Ambassador acted selfishly and not in accordance to his position as a a member of the government when he voted down a resolution to help all nations in the JN.

  • Nigerian Flu Outbreak Aid. After the outbreak of the flu in Nigeria a few weeks ago, the Nigerian Ambassador introduced a resolution to seek help from the JN in containing the outbreak to prevent a large scale epidemic or pandemic. This resolution passed unanimously and the President ordered the 25RP to be paid out by the US, Turkey, Japan, and Nigeria. Mexico volunteered some resoruces to help with the problem.

Random Events

Two new random events were assigned this week. South Africa was hit with a terrorists' attack that cost it 7RP. Brazil was hit with some bad government reforms that ended up hurting its government far more than they helped. This piece of bad luck cost Brazil 10RP.