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Coming soon: Random Events

posted Sep 10, 2012, 8:35 AM by Jason Brunken
As explained on Saturday, a new component to the JN this year is Random Events. Random events will be assigned randomly at each meeting. Most Random Events will force you to make a difficult decision much like a world leader would have to do to try to solve a problem. The result of your decision could mean great gain or great loss for your country. Some will force you to seek help or support form the JN. Some will affect your entire region. Others might impact the whole world. Sound cool?

I am in the process of writing the Random Events. Below are the first four. Feel free to put suggestions for random events in comments below.

Oil! Oil has been discovered in a remote part of your country. This is great news for your country, however no one is sure how much oil is there and no companies want to make the initial investment to drill and pump the oil. Your government has a decision to make.

  1. Invest 1TP and 10RP into a drilling operation for a chance to harvest the oil. (60% chance of a 40RP return, 20% chance of a 30RP return, 10% chance of a 50RP return,  5% chance of a 60RP return, 5% chance of a 15RP return)
  2. Allow another country to drill (paying the investment) for 10% tax on what they get
  3. Ignore completely

A deadly strain of influenza has been reported in your country. The outbreak is so far contained to small, rural areas and the death toll is low. However, your health organization says if it is not contained, there could be a major epidemic or even a pandemic.

  1. Spend 25RP to completely contain the outbreak. (0% chance of epidemic)
  2. Spend 10RP to educate people on how to prevent the spread of the disease in the cities (50% chance of epidemic)
  3. Let nature sort it out (90% chance of epidemic)

Epidemic = 15RP problem that will need to be fixed by the next meeting. If it is not fixed, the result is a pandemic.
Pandemic = 15RP problem for all countries in the region (except host country), all other countries 17% chance of infection (15RP problem)

Scientists in your country say they are on the verge of a technological breakthrough. They are asking for more funding to help their research along.

  1. Give them the 14RP they need. 90% chance of scientific breakthrough
  2. Buy them a new microscope and computer. 7RP and a 50% chance of scientific breakthrough
  3. Get them coffee and doughnuts. 3RP and a 10% chance of scientific breakthrough

Scientific breakthrough = 2TP

Workers in your country are striking (not working) because they feel they are being mistreated, underpaid, and overworked by their bosses. Many public services have shut down and people are mad. Everyone is turning to your government to fix the problem. What will you do?

  1. Side with workers and force companies to pay up and be nice. (Strike ends, but 60% chance businesses leave your country for friendlier lands)
  2. Side with the businesses and use the military to break the strike (7RP, 25% chance strike continues)
  3. Try to bring both sides to the negotiation table to strike a deal (60% chance strike continues)

Strike continues = 10RP loss for each week till strike is stopped
Business leave = 6RP given to each country in your region