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April 13 Meeting Update

posted Apr 16, 2013, 8:01 AM by Jason Brunken
At the meeting on April 13, the JN continued its tradition of doing very little. Despite very large problems, no country sought help from the JN, but instead opted to solve problems out of their own resources. An insect problem in the Middle East was fixed through a pooling of resources by all four Middle East countries. India and Brazil both fixed their problems, but Europe remained silent on theirs. The financial crisis in Cyprus went unaddressed by the region and will no doubt worsen in weeks to come. Possibly affecting larger regions.

Random events brought an end to the workers' strike in Vietnam. Brazil saw a boost in tourism from the discovery of a new Natural Wonder, and Germany saw government investment leas to a technological breakthrough.

Supreme Council elections were held. The election saw the Ambassador of Japan unseat the Ambassador of Nigeria. Congratulations to our new SC.

No other business was addressed by the JN at the meeting. Perhaps things get more interesting at the next meeting on April 27.