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April 12 Meeting recap

posted Apr 16, 2014, 8:02 AM by Jason Brunken   [ updated Apr 16, 2014, 8:04 AM ]
The JN continues to be rife with activity. This week saw another meeting packed full of resolutions and debate. This member's are bent on changing the face of the JN for years to come.

Four resolutions and two requests for aid were brought before the JN this week. Thailand and South Korea each requested 5 RP in aid from the General Welfare Fund to help pay for their efforts in the search for lost Malaysian airliner. Each was rewarded the funds. a resolution was proposed by Australia to revoke a problem assigned to them. This was challenged as unconstitutional by the US. President Wu decided not to push the issue and veto the bill before it got a chance to be debated.

The three other resolutions were passed. First, Australia, after demonstrating weeks of goodwill and just behavior, managed to get its sanctions unanimously repealed and much of its reparations payments returned. Germany proposed the establishment limits on resolutions and debate in the JN. The resolution was also passed unanimously establishing a three resolution limit per nation per meeting and a 20 min debate limit per resolution. The final resolution, proposed by Australia, passed unanimously and established new awards and prizes for nations in the JN. The resolution establishes a Rookie of the Year, Most Outstanding Nation, Most Improved Ambassador, and Best Government award that will be voted on and awarded at the end of each school year. The resolution also sets up a JN Hall of Fame on the JN Website which can viewed here.

A new alliance was established this week. The JN Mutual Defense Treaty alliance was set up which consists of all nations not belonging to the now named Tam Loki. This alliance exists as a defensive alliance only, and appears to have been formed as a means of protection from the powerful Team Loki.

In Random Events, all old random events were resolved with no effect. New random events affected South Korea (+10 RP for good reforms), Kenya (-10 RP because of an earthquake), and Canada which turned down an opportunity to invest in new technology.

All problems were fixed at the meeting. New problems were announced for South Korea, Australia, and Canada. The next meeting will be held on April 26.