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An eventful start to a new session

posted Sep 10, 2013, 7:41 AM by Jason Brunken
This past Saturday, the JN kicked off its 2013-2014 session with its first meeting. During the meeting elections were held, new random events were delivered, and new problems were announced.

The election for president was was contested by three ambassadors. Kris, Ambassador of South Korea, Jerry, Ambassador of Australia, and Mr. Brunken, the US Ambassador. Following speeches by all three candidates, Mr. Brunken won in a landslide receiving 11 of 14 votes. Mr. Brunken promised to set a good example for future presidents by modeling proper presidential behavior.

The election for Supreme Council was much more hotly contested. In total, six candidates put their name on the ballot. Following short campaign speeches promising to work hard and do their best, three were elected from the field. Nicole, Ambassador of Jordan, received 14 votes, Gower, Ambassador of Poland, received nine, and Ava, Ambassador of Brazil, received eight votes. These three will now serve as Supreme Councilmen and Councilwomen for the next four meetings.

Random events befell the countries of Thailand, Germany, and Pakistan this week. In Thailand, severe storms caused by global warming caused severe damage. In Germany, a meteor crashed into a populated area causing damage, but possibly bringing valuable resources to the country. Pakistan discovered a new natural wonder getting 7 RP from the tourism.

Finally, the countries of Venezuela, Thailand, and Jordan have problems to fix for the next meeting. In Venezuela, power outages are hurting the economy. In Thailand, rubber workers are striking. Jordan has more and more refugees from Syria it must support. These problems will need to be fixed at the next meeting, or they may cause even greater problems for the region. view details for all problems here.