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And the nominees are....

posted May 21, 2014, 7:52 AM by Jason Brunken
Here are the nominees for the Most Outstanding Nation and Most improved Nation Awards. The winners will be debated and voted on this week. Be ready to defend your favorite.

The Most Outstanding Nation

Jerry Chen
There is no doubt that Jerry deserves to be considered for this award. His accomplishments are numerous. He has worked hard to get his country to the top of the wealth list. He topped the standings for almost the entire year. He did this by completing many current events sheets, the second most in all of the class. He was active in class too, completing work to get the points he needed. More importantly, however, Jerry led the JN in number of resolutions written, submitted, and passed. Of all the members of the JN, Jerry experimented the most with the new rules and what could be done using the JN and resolutions. He pioneered the JN Welfare Fund, built the first alliance in JN history, created new awards (like this one), and started and won the first war in JN history. Without Jerry’s efforts, this year in the JN would not have been nearly as exciting.

Nicole Lu
While Nicole is not at the top of the wealth standings, she is close. Nicole is in the top three because of her tireless work in the JN this year. A large part of this was her tremendous effort completing current events sheets. Over the course of the year, Nicole completed 25 sheets accumulating a total of 208 resource points. No one in the history of the JN has completed so many. Furthermore, while Nicole did not submit many resolutions of her own, she was by far the most vocal and well-spoken debater at each meeting. No matter the resolution or issue being debated, Nicole shared her opinion, trying her best to sway the JN General Assembly to vote with her. Nicole was also active in the JN Government, spending most of the year serving as either the President or a Supreme Councilwoman.

Kris Tsai
Though is close, Kris is not in the top three for total wealth this year. This is not why he is being nominated. This award honors the most active and effective members of the JN. Kris played a pivotal role in the JN this year. He was the mind behind many of the big changes we saw. Though many were not passed, he wrote many resolutions that challenged the status quo of the JN. He was a powerful force working behind the scenes to make changes to the system, like the addition of a welfare fund and implementation of new awards. While he wasn’t a vocal participant in class, he was always working to effect change. Furthermore, Kris placed third in total RP gained from current events sheets. Kris belongs on this list and should be considered for this award.

Most Improved Nation

Kris Tsai
Kris improved his standing from 11th last year to the top 5 this year. He was more active in politics. He wrote many more resolutions and went from writing only 1 current events sheet last year to 11 this year.

Leo Wu
Leo improved from 6th last year to the top 3 this year. He served two terms as President this year after only serving on the Supreme Council last year. 

Nicole Lu
While Nicole placed in the top 3 both years, she was far more active this year. She completed 25 current events sheets compared to just four last year. She also had, by far, the most participation of all nations this year, much improved from last year.