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2013-2014 session comes to a close

posted May 25, 2014, 7:30 PM by Jason Brunken   [ updated May 25, 2014, 7:41 PM ]

This Saturday, the 2013-2014 JN Session came to a close. It has been a historic year. The JN saw its first war, alliance, and the most current events sheets and resolutions ever written by members in its history. It should be no surprise then that the final resolution passed by the JN this year was to establish a JN History Committee. The resolution called for the election of a History Committee that would oversee the writing of the history of the JN and take over news reporting duties for the next JN session. The elections were held immediately and Nicole Lu, Audrey Lin, and Lulu Lin were elected as the first members of the committee.

The other important act of business for this meeting was choosing the winners for this year's awards along with a song and word for the year. The winners are all posted to the right. Special selections and final points standings are posted below.

Song of the Year

Word of the Year

Thank you all for a great year. Keep following the news this summer. I can't wait to see most of you back in class again at the end of August.
This year's award winners are posted below. Congratulations to our outstanding winners and the finalists.

The Top 3
These members finished with the most wealth. First prize was $1,000 in Eslite Bookstore Gift Certificates. Second prize was $600, and third prize was $400.

  1. Jerry Chen, Ambassador of Australia
  2. Leo Wu, Ambassador of Kenya
  3. Nicole Lu, Ambassador of Jordan

Most Outstanding Nation Award
The winner of this prize ($400 in gift certificates and a Crash Course bookmark) went to the member who proved to be the most effective, productive, and outstanding of the year as voted on by the JN.

  • Jerry Chen, Ambassador of Australia

Most Improved Nation Award
This prize ($300 in gift certificates and a Crash Course bookmark) went to the member that showed the most improvement from last year as voted on by the JN.

  • Kris Tsai, Ambassador of South Korea

Rookie of the Year
This award ($400 in gift certificates and a Crash Course bookmark) went to the first-year member with the most outstanding performance in the JN as voted on by JN members.

  • Wendy Hsiao, Ambassador of Thailand