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1213 Eighth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Dec 16, 2014, 6:24 AM by Audrey Lin

Eighth meeting of the year!

President: Term 3

Supreme Council: Term 2

The meeting today started off with fixing old random events. Chile sent the war criminal on trial and was rewarded 10RP. Indonesia fixed his humanitarian disaster by paying 20RP. France protected for the national forests so no loss, no gain. New Zealand chose to ignore her mosquito problem. We then have the old problems fixed. China, Iran and Italy all paid for their problems. All old business completed, well done!

We have three new random events this week. China had global warming storms and the government helped cleaning up after the damage, sorry but you lost 15RP. The workers of the United States of America are striking, the government sponsored negotiations but failed, so the strike continues. Let’s see what the US government will do next. The rocket scientist who had been put on trial seems to have escaped now since he went to France to seek for protection. If he thought France would protect him, then he’s wrong, France sent him on trial again and was rewarded 10RP.

Two resolutions, both from USA, were brought up this week. The Resignation/Removal Penalty resolution, was passed after quite a debate. The second one, Carbon Taxes, was vetoed by the president though it was passed.

Last, we closed the meeting with new problems. Indonesia is racked with violent protests this week, military and police cracked down on the protests this week killing 4 and hurting many. This will cost Indonesia 17RP. France did something terrible to French Jewish citizens during WWII and is trying to pay reparations. This will cost France 5RP to Israel and 10RP to the JN Welfare Fund. Oil prices are falling globally, this will cause a loss of revenue, 12RP for all oil exporting countries, including Russia, Indonesia, Iran and Mexico.