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1115 Sixth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Nov 18, 2014, 5:53 AM by 林奕汝   [ updated Nov 18, 2014, 5:54 AM ]

Sixth meeting of the year!

President : Term 1

Supreme Council : Term 4

Our last president was and will be a little bit busy, so she decided to hold another presidential election and retire. Meeting started with the presidential election. The ambassadors of Chile, United States, Mexico, and France were nominated. The ambassador of France was elected with 4 votes.

After the election, our new president started with the old problems. Iran and France both fixed the problem by paying 14 and 7 RP. Next up, we got old random events. Chile brought a resolution, the JN will spend 35RP to invest and there could be a 70% chance for all the flu problems to be fixed, and 30% of continuing. The resolution was passed with a vote of 8 against 1, Italy and Chile donated 10 RP, France, New Zealand and Mexico donated 5 RP for investing. Though the resolution was passed, Chile got a bad luck and got the 30%, so the problem remains the same, to fix the problem Chile paid 25 RP. Botswana’s problem was fixed by a request for aid. Israel had a problem too, it was fixed by passing a resolution and the money was paid by their No.1 alliance, USA. Last, Italy won the island with a resolution passed, and they donated most of the money to the fund.

There are also new random events. First, New Zealand got No. 17, doctors in the country developed a new kind of vaccine that can prevent all the mosquito disease problems. France got No. 19, with a tough decision between chopping the trees for money or leaving them and protect the environment? Finally, Israel got No. 13, the country is hit by a serious famine, and people are starving. All those problem are left for next week to fix.

The new problems are Mexico for having lots of angry protesters that cause a huge mess in the country; Israel for people getting attacked and killed and Italy for having flood and problems caused by the flood because of a heavy rain during the week.