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1101 Fifth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Nov 1, 2014, 9:12 PM by Audrey Lin   [ updated Nov 2, 2014, 12:04 AM ]
Fifth meeting of the year! 
President : Term 1
Supreme Council : Term 3

We started our meeting with a presidential election. The ambassadors of the US, New Zealand, Mexico and Chile were nominated. The ambassador of New Zealand was elected with 7 votes.
Four old problems were fixed. Russia got his request for aid passed and was paid by the General Welfare Fund. Italy, Botswana and Ethiopia all paid for their problems.

Next, Russia got another request for aid passed, thanks to the General Welfare Fund, USA, Italy, France and New Zealand, and finally stopped the flu pandemic. The islands in the ocean near Italy was delayed till next meeting. Who will win the islands?

There are three new random events this week. Chile got a deadly strain of influenza right after Russia. How will he handle it? A significant famine was caused in Botswana and millions of people are demanding for actions and help. Take good care of it or it might cause a humanitarian disaster. Israel had a war broken out between two countries in the region and it’s causing burden on Israel’s economy. What will he do?

Last, water shortage in Iran making the government shut off water for 8 hours a day. How will you survive for 8 hours without water? Hope he will do something to help the people! This will cost Israel 14RP. Happy late Halloween! Although halloween is fun but there are people dressed up like evil clowns on the street beating people up. There is no great damage but it has caused some public hysteria. More than a dozen people have been arrested. This will cost France 7RP.