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1018 Fourth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Nov 1, 2014, 9:05 PM by Audrey Lin   [ updated Nov 2, 2014, 12:02 AM ]
Fourth meeting of the year! 
President : Term 4
Supreme Council : Term 2

The meeting opened up with fixing some old problems. China sent an aid request and the General Welfare Fund paid half of its problem. New Zealand, and Mexico fixed their problems by paying on their own. Russia who has the worse problem still hadn't came up with a way to fix it. The problem continues to worsen. How will Russia fix the problem? We are looking forward to see other nations standing up and helping him. 

We have three new random events this week. Iran’s scientists got a scientific breakthrough and gain 2TP. Next, Ethiopia’s government accidentally invested some anti-reforms and lost 10RP. Poor her. Last, there are some islands in the middle of the ocean again. What will Italy do with the islands? Let’s find out next week.

We closed our meeting by three new problems. Over 8,000 families were displaced because of the flooding in Ethiopia. 5,000 hectares of cotton and sugarcane crop were damaged of the flooding, too. This will cost Ethiopia 12RP. Botswana’s current education system is causing student failing out of school. 14RP is needed to help prepare the future of the children of Botswana. Last, more immigrants are landing on Italy’s shores, most to Sicily. New immigrants means more resourses needed but Italy is already struggling from weak economy. This will cost Italy 17RP.