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0920 Second Meeting of 2014-2015

posted Sep 21, 2014, 11:53 PM by 林奕汝

Second meeting of the year!

President: Term 2

Supreme Council: Term 1

Israel fixed its old problem, about fighting against the quasi-political entity, Hamas, and Italy fixed its random event problem about an earthquake.

Following today’s new random event, Mexico drew Random Event #1 and immediately started the drilling operation. She got 30 RP in return for her investment. Second, we got Russia for Random Event #2, hope he will handle it and avoid influenza spreading all over the world. Last, we have Ethiopia with some islands in the middle of ocean. Ethiopia has three choices, first is competing with the countries in the region by writing resolutions to the JN, and the JN will decide who gets the island, second is going into war with the nations who also wants the island, or just leave the island alone by signing a contract with all the countries in the region, making the island a nature preserve. Let’s see who gets the islands!

There was one resolution turned in by New Zealand which was about making Mr. Brunken’s term of president for only three weeks instead of four, with the reason of giving more chances to the other countries. After the debate, the resolution was not passed with a vote of 10:0 against. Nothing is changed.

At last, we closed our meeting by having 5 new problems! 
First, with Mexico having one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit Mexico, and cost 9RP for cleaning up the mess before the tourist season comes up. Second, Russia needs to pay 10RP because of a new round of economic sanctions by the West were laid against Russia this week for its increasing involvement in the current civil war raging in Ukraine, but Russia can do a resolution and ask the JN to force US and it’s Allies to help. Third, a bomb was exploded in the subway in Chile, and 14 people was injured, Chile will have to pay 9RP for providing security. Last two are for France and Italy.  Air France is suffering a major setback this week as pilots are striking in protest of what they see as low-wages and poor job security, so the government has to pay 10RP for the lost in stranded passengers across France. Last, the biggest problem, the economy in Italy is in a depressing state, Italian leaders are now stuck with nothing but bad choices to try and help. Because Italy doesn’t have a fund to fix it on their own, they will need to pass a request for Aid to the JN to prevent an economic disaster.