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0425 15th Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Apr 27, 2015, 7:47 AM by Audrey Lin

Meeting Recap 2015.04.25

President: Term 2

Supreme Council: Term 3

Our meeting began with fixing old problems and random events. China finally made the decision of losing 1AP but gained 30RP in bribe money. Mexico and Chile both paid for their problems.

Two new Random Events were given this week. Botswana drew the lucky 7 and received 7RP for discovering new natural wonder. Chile got a long stretch of bad weather but Chile came up with a 30RP reform and it worked so it’s no biggie now.

We also had our nominations for the 2014~2015 session this week. Two categories, Most Outstanding Nation and Most Improved Nation. The nominees for Most Outstanding Nation were Audrey Lin, ambassador of Italy, Matthew She, ambassador of Chile, and Wendy Hsiao, ambassador of France. The nominees for Most Improved Nation were Audrey Lin, Matthew She, and Jacqueline Wu.