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0418 14th Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Apr 19, 2015, 6:29 AM by Audrey Lin

Meeting Recap 2015.04.18

President: Term 1

Supreme Council: Term 2

We started off our meeting with a Presidential Election today. The nominees were ambassador of New Zealand, Italy, Iran, and Botswana. This is an election between experienced ambassadors and new ambassadors wanting to fight for president. At last, the ambassador of Iran got the highest vote, 7 votes. Our new president is elected.

Our new president starts with old problems. New Zealand paid for her problem. France requested for aid but was rejected, so she paid on her own. The problem in the Middle East region was set for a 15RP problem for Iran and Israel for this week. Then, both Iran and Israel brought a resolution. Iran propose that JN should not give support to Israel while Israel propose to send in JN’s combined military power to crush the rebellion. After a very long debate, Israel’s resolution was passed. Civil war had ended.


Moving on, old random events. The ambassador of China was absent so his problem remains delayed, and we couldn’t force him to pay because he hasn’t made the choice. Ethiopia brought up a resolution for her problem. It requests JN to send in a military force to end conflict. The resolution was passed and 30RP was paid by Ethiopia to send troops.

We have two new Random Events this week and both very lucky. Chile drew random event #15 and got 10RP. What a miracle! New Zealand got random event #7 and gained 7RP from the tourism of the new natural wonder.

Last, three new Problem were assigned. Italy continues to suffer from a huge influx in immigrants. Last year, 170,000 migrants came to its shores and look like the number this year is ready to break the record. This problem cost Italy 35RP. Oil and gasoline thieves caused a leak that spilled oil into Mexico’s waterways leaving 500,000 people  no water to use or drink. This problem will cost 40RP to fix. Protesters in Chile demand faster action against corruption and implementation of education reforms. The government should begin working on change before things get worse. 25RP will be needed for Chile to fix this problem.