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0328 13th Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Mar 29, 2015, 5:28 AM by Audrey Lin

Meeting Recap 20150328

President: Term 4

Supreme Council: Term 1

Our meeting starts with fixing old random events. China and Israel both decided to tell the police to back down and enjoy the bribe money. Gained 30RP but lost 1AP. Iran fixed his humanitarian disaster by paying it. Ethiopia chose to put troops on the border to keep the refugees out of Ethiopia, so refugees are now fleeing to Botswana and France to search for help. But Ethiopia failed to keep it under control. The war conflict continues and that means a 10RP problem each week.

Moving on, old problems. Italy paid for her problem. New Zealand did not have enough RP to pay, so it’s overdue and getting worse. Iran had the same problem too but he decided to sell his points to solve his problem. Chile brought up a resolution, Investment on Climate Change. Chile thinks that Climate Change is now a great problem all members of JN are facing. If resolution passed, 50RP will be invested to help and solve all climate change problems, 70% of the problem will be solved and 30% of the problem will be cut in half. All members think this is a great way to face climate change problems. It is passed! 42.7RP of the investment comes from the General Welfare Fund and the rest, 7.3RP, was paid by Chile.

We have two new Random Events this week. Mexico and Italy both drew Random Event #16. The government invested some reforms to help with the economy a while back but they were actually like anti-reforms, it made the economy even worse. Both lost 10RP.

Last, two new Problem were assigned. A passenger plane crashed in the French Alps this week killing 150 people. This will cost France 15RP. Yemen government collapsed this week as the president fled the palace and rebels took over the capital city. Civil war has spread across the poorest Arab country in the world the following days. This problem affects the entire Middle East region. This problem will cost each nation in the Middle East region 15 RP each meeting the civil war continues. Each meeting there is a 5% chance the civil war ends. The war can’t be ended by paying RP. Hope the Middle East region will think up with something good.