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0314 Twelfth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Mar 17, 2015, 8:12 AM by Audrey Lin

Meeting Recap 20150314

President: Term 3

Supreme Council: Term 1

Our president wasn’t able to attend today’s meeting so the longest serving Supreme Council member, ambassador of Chile, was the president of the meeting.

Supreme Council Election today. Ambassadors of New Zealand, France, Chile, Israel and Ethiopia all fought for the seats but only three won. New Zealand, Israel and Ethiopia are our Supreme Council for this term.

We continue with old business. France decided to invest into a drilling operation and gain 40RP. China’s problem was put off because he wasn’t here. Old problems, which were New Zealand’s, China’s and Chile’s were all paid.

Time for some new Random Events. War has broken out in Ethiopia. What will she do? Israel was found manufacturing illegal drugs. Hope he takes good care of that. And last, an earthquake hit Iran and Iran tried to help with search and rescue but failed. Now Iran is facing a humanitarian disaster.

We wrapped up our meeting with new problems. Italy got some serious snow problem and will need 30RP to fix it. Some poisoning is starting to spread around New Zealand, 25RP will be needed to take care of this problem. Iran is fighting ISIS but US is trying to sabotage any deal that can be struck. This will cost Iran 30RP. Climax change is a big problem for Chile. Chile is famous for its agriculture but with a water shortage, the economy is going down. 38RP is needed to fix the problem.