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0117 Tenth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Jan 29, 2015, 6:07 AM by Audrey Lin

Tenth meeting of the year!

President: Term 1

Supreme Council: Term 4

Today’s meeting starts off with a Presidential Election. The nominees were the ambassadors of France, Italy, Iran and USA. The ambassador of Italy was election after a long and fierce election.

Our president starts right after a fast Election Oath. Old random events next. Drug problems in Ethiopia has been delayed because of her absence. Italy paid 30RP and got a huge success on selling the vaccine and got 40RP back. Botswana, Ethiopia, France and Russia paid their problems, so all old problems clear.

Moving on to new random events. USA found a deposit of precious metals. He didn’t want to harm the nature, so he took what he can and received 2RP. Botswana and Iran both discovered oil. What will they do? Let’s wait and find out!

Last, we closed the meeting with new problems. French cartoonist was killed among lots of others, 12 in total. This will cost France 15RP. Endangered species in New Zealand is facing a problem, pirates are here! To protect them, New Zealand will have to pay 14RP or pass a resolution. A wave of violent crime committed by North Koreans has hit the borders of North Korea and China. To prevent further crime, China will have to pay 15RP for sending more security agents.