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0103 Ninth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Jan 4, 2015, 1:30 AM by Audrey Lin   [ updated Jan 4, 2015, 1:36 AM ]

Ninth meeting of the year!

First meeting of 2015!

President : Term 4

Supreme Council : Term 3

The meeting started with old random events. USA ended his worker strike with choice 1. All nations’ old problems were fixed next, though France’s request for aid was turned down because she has enough RP to pay her problem on her own.

We continue with three new random events. Terrorist attack in Russia caused a 10RP lost for  cleaning up. Second, Ethiopia is having some drug use and drug trafficking problems, both in and out of the country. What will she do? Third, some nasty Italian doctors developed a super vaccine that can prevent the country from mosquito-borne diseases, but don’t really want to hand them out. Let’s wait for next week to find out!

One resolution, The End of Indonesia, was brought up. The ambassador of Indonesia left class, so he wanted to donate all his RP to The General Welfare Fund before he left. This resolution was passed without any debate because it does no harm but benefits us.

Our meeting closed with new problems. Wild animals in Botswana are threatening the agricultural lives. This will cost Botswana 12RP. While Ethiopia is still in economic recovery, children 


are still forced to work. Child labor can harm an entire generation and the country in the long run. This will cost Ethiopia 14RP. The annual swath of car burning rocked France this New Year’s Eve, again. They burn car to protest against the government. The economy pays the price as insurance companies pay for the losses. This will cost France 12RP. Though the oil problem had just been fixed, Russia is suffering from the fall of oil price. Russia might need international help to recover from this. This is a 18RP problems.

Happy New Year!