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0425 15th Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Apr 27, 2015, 7:47 AM by Audrey Lin

Meeting Recap 2015.04.25

President: Term 2

Supreme Council: Term 3

Our meeting began with fixing old problems and random events. China finally made the decision of losing 1AP but gained 30RP in bribe money. Mexico and Chile both paid for their problems.

Two new Random Events were given this week. Botswana drew the lucky 7 and received 7RP for discovering new natural wonder. Chile got a long stretch of bad weather but Chile came up with a 30RP reform and it worked so it’s no biggie now.

We also had our nominations for the 2014~2015 session this week. Two categories, Most Outstanding Nation and Most Improved Nation. The nominees for Most Outstanding Nation were Audrey Lin, ambassador of Italy, Matthew She, ambassador of Chile, and Wendy Hsiao, ambassador of France. The nominees for Most Improved Nation were Audrey Lin, Matthew She, and Jacqueline Wu.

JN Award Nominees 2015

posted Apr 22, 2015, 8:03 PM by Jason Brunken

Here are the nominees for the Most Outstanding Nation and Most Improved Nation Awards. The winners will be debated and voted on this week. Be ready to defend your favorite.

The Most Outstanding Nation

Audrey Lin (Italy)
There is no doubt that Audrey deserves to be considered for this award. Her hard work this year in the JN is indisputable. She worked to get her nation to the top of the points standings by completing more current events sheets and assignments than anyone. She served as one of the most effective JN Presidents of the year, making sure meetings ran smoothly and being excellently prepared for each one. She also did amazing work on the History Committee, taking good notes and posting updates about each meeting to the JN Website. Furthermore, she never let her nation get brought down by problems. Italy suffered more from problems than any other nations this year, and she always had the funds or resolutions ready to fix them all and continue to rise to the top. The standings clearly show who stood out among them all this year.

Matthew She (Chile)
While Matthew is not at the top of the wealth standings, he is close. Matthew is in the top three because of his tireless work in the JN this year. Matthew served in the JN Government almost the entire year. He took his roles seriously, passing fair judgement on all resolutions. Furthermore, while Matthew did not submit many resolutions of his own, he was by far the most vocal and well-spoken debaters at each meeting. No matter the resolution or issue being debated, Matthew shared his opinion, trying his best to sway the JN General Assembly to vote with him. Few members were so active during JN debates than Matthew, and this should be rewarded. Had work like this should be rewarded.

Wendy Hsiao (France)
There is no doubt that Wendy also deserves to be considered for this award. Her hard work this year in the JN is indisputable. She also worked to get her nation to the top of the points standings by completing more current events sheets than everyone but Italy. She also regularly completed her assignments and even extra credit vocabulary assignments to rise to the top. Her excellent work on the History Committee alongside Italy cannot be ignored. She helped take good notes and post updates about each meeting to the JN Website. Wendy followed the events of the JN closely this year. She was active in many debates and helped craft several aid requests to resolve regional problems. Despite having a challenging country that had interests in many regions and suffered from problems this year, Wendy worked hard to overcome this. The standings clearly show her outstanding work this year in the JN.

Most Improved Nation

Audrey Lin
Audrey improved her standing from 10th last year to the top 3 this year. She was far more active in completing JN tasks and serving the nations of the JN through her work in he government and on the History Committee. She also improved from completing only 5 current events sheet last year to 11 this year.

Matthew She
Matthew improved from 9th last year to the top 3 this year. He served almost the entire year in the Supreme Council, far longer than an other nations. While he did not complete any current events this year, he was far more vocal and active during JN Meetings than in years past.

Jacqueline Wu
Jacqueline improved her standing from 11th last year to the top 5 this year. She did this through hard work in class completing work to get resources and taking the initiative to handle her problems in the JN through Aid Requests or resolutions. Her growing confidence in the JN was hard to miss, her success well deserved.

0418 14th Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Apr 19, 2015, 6:29 AM by Audrey Lin

Meeting Recap 2015.04.18

President: Term 1

Supreme Council: Term 2

We started off our meeting with a Presidential Election today. The nominees were ambassador of New Zealand, Italy, Iran, and Botswana. This is an election between experienced ambassadors and new ambassadors wanting to fight for president. At last, the ambassador of Iran got the highest vote, 7 votes. Our new president is elected.

Our new president starts with old problems. New Zealand paid for her problem. France requested for aid but was rejected, so she paid on her own. The problem in the Middle East region was set for a 15RP problem for Iran and Israel for this week. Then, both Iran and Israel brought a resolution. Iran propose that JN should not give support to Israel while Israel propose to send in JN’s combined military power to crush the rebellion. After a very long debate, Israel’s resolution was passed. Civil war had ended.


Moving on, old random events. The ambassador of China was absent so his problem remains delayed, and we couldn’t force him to pay because he hasn’t made the choice. Ethiopia brought up a resolution for her problem. It requests JN to send in a military force to end conflict. The resolution was passed and 30RP was paid by Ethiopia to send troops.

We have two new Random Events this week and both very lucky. Chile drew random event #15 and got 10RP. What a miracle! New Zealand got random event #7 and gained 7RP from the tourism of the new natural wonder.

Last, three new Problem were assigned. Italy continues to suffer from a huge influx in immigrants. Last year, 170,000 migrants came to its shores and look like the number this year is ready to break the record. This problem cost Italy 35RP. Oil and gasoline thieves caused a leak that spilled oil into Mexico’s waterways leaving 500,000 people  no water to use or drink. This problem will cost 40RP to fix. Protesters in Chile demand faster action against corruption and implementation of education reforms. The government should begin working on change before things get worse. 25RP will be needed for Chile to fix this problem.

0328 13th Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Mar 29, 2015, 5:28 AM by Audrey Lin

Meeting Recap 20150328

President: Term 4

Supreme Council: Term 1

Our meeting starts with fixing old random events. China and Israel both decided to tell the police to back down and enjoy the bribe money. Gained 30RP but lost 1AP. Iran fixed his humanitarian disaster by paying it. Ethiopia chose to put troops on the border to keep the refugees out of Ethiopia, so refugees are now fleeing to Botswana and France to search for help. But Ethiopia failed to keep it under control. The war conflict continues and that means a 10RP problem each week.

Moving on, old problems. Italy paid for her problem. New Zealand did not have enough RP to pay, so it’s overdue and getting worse. Iran had the same problem too but he decided to sell his points to solve his problem. Chile brought up a resolution, Investment on Climate Change. Chile thinks that Climate Change is now a great problem all members of JN are facing. If resolution passed, 50RP will be invested to help and solve all climate change problems, 70% of the problem will be solved and 30% of the problem will be cut in half. All members think this is a great way to face climate change problems. It is passed! 42.7RP of the investment comes from the General Welfare Fund and the rest, 7.3RP, was paid by Chile.

We have two new Random Events this week. Mexico and Italy both drew Random Event #16. The government invested some reforms to help with the economy a while back but they were actually like anti-reforms, it made the economy even worse. Both lost 10RP.

Last, two new Problem were assigned. A passenger plane crashed in the French Alps this week killing 150 people. This will cost France 15RP. Yemen government collapsed this week as the president fled the palace and rebels took over the capital city. Civil war has spread across the poorest Arab country in the world the following days. This problem affects the entire Middle East region. This problem will cost each nation in the Middle East region 15 RP each meeting the civil war continues. Each meeting there is a 5% chance the civil war ends. The war can’t be ended by paying RP. Hope the Middle East region will think up with something good.

0314 Twelfth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Mar 17, 2015, 8:12 AM by Audrey Lin

Meeting Recap 20150314

President: Term 3

Supreme Council: Term 1

Our president wasn’t able to attend today’s meeting so the longest serving Supreme Council member, ambassador of Chile, was the president of the meeting.

Supreme Council Election today. Ambassadors of New Zealand, France, Chile, Israel and Ethiopia all fought for the seats but only three won. New Zealand, Israel and Ethiopia are our Supreme Council for this term.

We continue with old business. France decided to invest into a drilling operation and gain 40RP. China’s problem was put off because he wasn’t here. Old problems, which were New Zealand’s, China’s and Chile’s were all paid.

Time for some new Random Events. War has broken out in Ethiopia. What will she do? Israel was found manufacturing illegal drugs. Hope he takes good care of that. And last, an earthquake hit Iran and Iran tried to help with search and rescue but failed. Now Iran is facing a humanitarian disaster.

We wrapped up our meeting with new problems. Italy got some serious snow problem and will need 30RP to fix it. Some poisoning is starting to spread around New Zealand, 25RP will be needed to take care of this problem. Iran is fighting ISIS but US is trying to sabotage any deal that can be struck. This will cost Iran 30RP. Climax change is a big problem for Chile. Chile is famous for its agriculture but with a water shortage, the economy is going down. 38RP is needed to fix the problem.

0131 Eleventh Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Jan 31, 2015, 7:34 AM by Audrey Lin   [ updated Jan 31, 2015, 7:35 AM ]

Meeting Recap 20150131

President: Term 2

Supreme Council: Term 4

Today our meeting started with only one supreme council member. The president chose the ambassadors of France and Botswana to take the place of Chile and the blank one.

Old random events fixed. Iran’s oil problem was fixed by choosing choice 2. Italy and Israel fought for drilling for Iran. At last, Italy won by paper scissors stone. Her investment paid off, she got 36RP in return and Iran got 4RP. Botswana drilled the oil by herself and got 50RP in return. Drug problem in Ethiopia was fixed by taking down the police. Of course it was fixed for Ethiopia, but all countries in the region, that is Africa, will have a 5RP problem next meeting. Be prepared, France and Botswana!

Next, we have our old problems. France requested for aid and was passed. Problem fixed. New Zealand fixed her fish pirate problem by paying it. China paid 15RP to save its people from North Korea's attack. Well done!

Three new random events this week. Oil problem! Again?! Yeah, it’s in France this time. What will she do? A rich French patriot dead and left his wealth to France. She invested in stock and got 15RP in return. Drug problem was just fixed in Ethiopia, but I think the drug dealers have turned their attention to China. What will he do? We’ll find out at the next meeting!

USA brought up the History Committee Removal and Re-election Resolution. The resolution will remove all three current history committee and reelect two, salary will change from 5RP each meeting to 10RP each meeting. There will also be a 10RP punishment if the meeting recap isn’t updated in less than 96 hours. The resolution was passed so the president held the election for new history committee. There were three nominees, the ambassadors of Italy, France and Iran. It turned out that Italy and France were elected with 9 votes and 8 votes. Congratulations! Better start working!


We then close our meeting with new problems. New Zealand’s number of students qualifying for college entrance is running low. Without college graduates, New Zealand’s economic security may be in danger. This problem will cost New Zealand 10RP. Diseases coming! Watch out China! There has been an outbreak in Beijing. China will have to put more resources, 14RP, into vaccinating people. The world’s largest copper producer Chile is facing a huge lost in government revenue. Trouble is coming! This will cost Chile 14RP.

Happy Winter Break to all of you!

0117 Tenth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Jan 29, 2015, 6:07 AM by Audrey Lin

Tenth meeting of the year!

President: Term 1

Supreme Council: Term 4

Today’s meeting starts off with a Presidential Election. The nominees were the ambassadors of France, Italy, Iran and USA. The ambassador of Italy was election after a long and fierce election.

Our president starts right after a fast Election Oath. Old random events next. Drug problems in Ethiopia has been delayed because of her absence. Italy paid 30RP and got a huge success on selling the vaccine and got 40RP back. Botswana, Ethiopia, France and Russia paid their problems, so all old problems clear.

Moving on to new random events. USA found a deposit of precious metals. He didn’t want to harm the nature, so he took what he can and received 2RP. Botswana and Iran both discovered oil. What will they do? Let’s wait and find out!

Last, we closed the meeting with new problems. French cartoonist was killed among lots of others, 12 in total. This will cost France 15RP. Endangered species in New Zealand is facing a problem, pirates are here! To protect them, New Zealand will have to pay 14RP or pass a resolution. A wave of violent crime committed by North Koreans has hit the borders of North Korea and China. To prevent further crime, China will have to pay 15RP for sending more security agents.

0103 Ninth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Jan 4, 2015, 1:30 AM by Audrey Lin   [ updated Jan 4, 2015, 1:36 AM ]

Ninth meeting of the year!

First meeting of 2015!

President : Term 4

Supreme Council : Term 3

The meeting started with old random events. USA ended his worker strike with choice 1. All nations’ old problems were fixed next, though France’s request for aid was turned down because she has enough RP to pay her problem on her own.

We continue with three new random events. Terrorist attack in Russia caused a 10RP lost for  cleaning up. Second, Ethiopia is having some drug use and drug trafficking problems, both in and out of the country. What will she do? Third, some nasty Italian doctors developed a super vaccine that can prevent the country from mosquito-borne diseases, but don’t really want to hand them out. Let’s wait for next week to find out!

One resolution, The End of Indonesia, was brought up. The ambassador of Indonesia left class, so he wanted to donate all his RP to The General Welfare Fund before he left. This resolution was passed without any debate because it does no harm but benefits us.

Our meeting closed with new problems. Wild animals in Botswana are threatening the agricultural lives. This will cost Botswana 12RP. While Ethiopia is still in economic recovery, children 


are still forced to work. Child labor can harm an entire generation and the country in the long run. This will cost Ethiopia 14RP. The annual swath of car burning rocked France this New Year’s Eve, again. They burn car to protest against the government. The economy pays the price as insurance companies pay for the losses. This will cost France 12RP. Though the oil problem had just been fixed, Russia is suffering from the fall of oil price. Russia might need international help to recover from this. This is a 18RP problems.

Happy New Year!

1213 Eighth Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Dec 16, 2014, 6:24 AM by Audrey Lin

Eighth meeting of the year!

President: Term 3

Supreme Council: Term 2

The meeting today started off with fixing old random events. Chile sent the war criminal on trial and was rewarded 10RP. Indonesia fixed his humanitarian disaster by paying 20RP. France protected for the national forests so no loss, no gain. New Zealand chose to ignore her mosquito problem. We then have the old problems fixed. China, Iran and Italy all paid for their problems. All old business completed, well done!

We have three new random events this week. China had global warming storms and the government helped cleaning up after the damage, sorry but you lost 15RP. The workers of the United States of America are striking, the government sponsored negotiations but failed, so the strike continues. Let’s see what the US government will do next. The rocket scientist who had been put on trial seems to have escaped now since he went to France to seek for protection. If he thought France would protect him, then he’s wrong, France sent him on trial again and was rewarded 10RP.

Two resolutions, both from USA, were brought up this week. The Resignation/Removal Penalty resolution, was passed after quite a debate. The second one, Carbon Taxes, was vetoed by the president though it was passed.

Last, we closed the meeting with new problems. Indonesia is racked with violent protests this week, military and police cracked down on the protests this week killing 4 and hurting many. This will cost Indonesia 17RP. France did something terrible to French Jewish citizens during WWII and is trying to pay reparations. This will cost France 5RP to Israel and 10RP to the JN Welfare Fund. Oil prices are falling globally, this will cause a loss of revenue, 12RP for all oil exporting countries, including Russia, Indonesia, Iran and Mexico.

1206 Seventh Meeting of 2014~2015

posted Dec 7, 2014, 4:44 AM by Audrey Lin   [ updated Dec 7, 2014, 4:48 AM ]

Seventh meeting of the year!

President : Term 2

Supreme Council : Term 1

Our president is currently off to play golf, so we had our longed served Supreme Council member nation, the ambassador of Chile, to be our president for this meeting.

Our meeting started off by a Supreme council election. Ambassadors of Italy, United States, Iran and Chile all nominated themselves. The ambassadors of Italy with 10 votes, Chile with 9 votes, and Iran with 7 votes were elected.

Some old problems were fixed. Mexico, Israel and Italy all fixed their old problems on their own. Then we continued with old random events. New Zealand and France’s problems were put off until next week because of their absence. Israel’s request for aid was passed, 22RP were paid by the General Welfare Fund, 4.6RP were paid by Israel and 3RP were paid by the US.

Two new random events. A famous rocket scientist is hiding from his country and is seeking for Chile’s protection for causing deaths of innocent people. What will he do to the scientist? An earthquake has hit Indonesia and devastated part of the country. He helped with search and rescue but failed, so it’s now a 20RP problem and increases by 10RP each week. Hope he will handle it well!

At last, three new problems were assigned. China got a lot of poop accident in the past few weeks, things are beginning to get smelly! This will cost China 14RP. Iran decided to launch some airstrikes to fight ISIS, but airstrikes cost lots of money. This will cost Iran 12RP. There are new laws and legislation against corruption set up in Italy, but it is still one the most corrupt nations in Europe. Poor Italy! This will cost Italy 18RP.

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